03-05-2013 Major Update

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03-05-2013 Major Update

Category : News

Major update! The following has been changed in the recent plugin update:

  • Removed the level 10 restriction for diamond armor crafting
  • Increased the /buy price for lumberjacks diamond axe to 200
  • Removed /v oaklogs. This was done to allow the possiblity that someday lumberjack may be able to /sell logs.
  • Added vip spell /v sprucewood – summons 64 spruce wood
  • Added vip spell /v birchwood – summons 64 birch wood
  • Added vip spell /v junglewood – summons 64 jungle wood
  • Added vip spell /v textUnderline – turns on text underline
  • Added vip spell /v textNoUnderline – turns off text underline
  • Added vip spell /v stonebrick – summons 64 stone brick
  • Added vip spell /v stoneslab – summons 64 stone slabs
  • Changed great tree presents to include 64 redstone as one of the possible presents
  • Removed some spell particle effects (may help reduce lag)
  • Added level 31 spell summon rail
  • Added level 32 spell summon glass
  • Added level 33 spell summon coal
  • Added level 34 spell summon cake
  • Reduced flight time of vip awesome firework
  • Added permissions for server planned admin/mod
  • Updated /back command to reduce chance of falling through the world
  • /Fly is now enabled for VIP
  • Changed top text color of default /auction description message to aqua
  • Added /profession command, this command displays your current profession
  • /repair is now enabled for vip with no in game money cost, and no requirement to be a blacksmith
  • Disabled the ability of splash potions of harming, poison, weakness and slowness in PvE areas only when there are players being affected by them. This means that if such a potion would normally affect a player (including yourself) in PvE areas, the effects will not take hold unless you are in a PvP area.
  • Added redstone drops to blaze mobs
  • Added redstone drops to ghast mobs
  • Added IronAxe to lumberjack /buy menu
  • Added GoldAxe to lumberjack /buy menu
  • Changed lumberjack /buy sapling, to /buy oaksapling
  • Added JungleSapling to lumberjack /buy menu
  • Added BirchSapling to lumberjack /buy menu
  • Added SpruceSapling to lumberjack /buy menu
  • Increased the price for merchant /buy glowstone to match the shop in chaos lands
  • Added StoneBrick to merchant /buy menu
  • Added DiamondPick to miner /buy menu
  • Added Ladders to miner /buy menu
  • Added Bookshelf to enchanter /buy menu
  • Added Wool to merchant /buy menu