03/17/2013 – Thanks VIPs

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03/17/2013 – Thanks VIPs

Category : News

I wanted to say thanks to those who have helped support the server with VIP, and what better way to say thanks than to add a lot of new abilities. This update is dedicated to our VIPs.

  • Reduced the cost of /c Protect for VIP by half
  • Added spell /v Glass – Summons 64 glass
  • Added spell /v Dirt – Summons 64 dirt
  • Added spell /v SandStone – Summons 64 sandstone
  • Added spell /v SmoothSandStone – Summons 64 smooth sand stone
  • Added spell /v ChisledSandStone – Summons 64 chisled sand stone
  • Added spell /v Netherrack – Summons 64 netherrack
  • Added spell /v BorderSnowBlock – Creates a snow block border within your land
  • Added spell /v FloorJungleWood – Creates a jungle wood floor within your land
  • Added spell /v FloorBirchWood – Creates a birch wood floor within your land
  • Added spell /v FloorOakWood – Creates an oak wood floor within your land
  • Added spell /v FloorCandy – Creates a candy striped floor within your land
  • Added spell /c WandDigging – Turns your wand into powerful digging tool, allowing it to instantly break dirt and gravel
  • Added spell /v WandInstant – Allows your wand to instantly break almost any block within a protected land which you belong to.
  • Added spell /v textItalic
  • Added spell /v textNoItalic
  • Added spell /v textBold
  • Added spell /v textNoBold
  • Greatly improved /v swift. It now has a longer duration and is Speed II instead of Speed I.
  • Increased the duration of /v strength
  • Updated VIP floor spells to stop destorying chests
  • Updated VIP border spells to stop destroying chests
  • Enabled using VIP floor and border spells in protected lands which you have been added to (previously it was only for land owned directly by you).
  • Improved the vip summoning messages
  • Improved vip floor spell messages
  • Added daily collectable present for VIP
  • (Misc Update) – Changed /c wandcheck to /c check