New Player Guide

-❅- New Player Guide -❅-

New to the lands and still have some questions on how it all works? Not to worry, If you are lost and/or have a question on what you should do on the Frostcraft server after you get out of the Frostcraft Academy, you came to the right place! This is a in-depth tutorial that will help you figure out how to get started!


❅ Your Mission ❅

Your mission in FrostCraft is to survive, adventure and explore the world of magic.  As you progress, you have the option to level up your character.  Levels unlock new and more powerful spells, and they make your character stronger.  To level up, you will need to travel the world and gain as much mana as possible.  It is the overall goal of many players to become one of the FrostCraft eliete and achieve the fabled level 50.

If you want to check how much mana you have you can do the simple command /mana. If you want to know how much to the next level up all you have to do is try and level up, it will tell you the difference that is needed. The command to level up is /c levelup, but you can also open the Wand GUI (menu) and click the beacon icon. If you had enough redstone you will level up and gain a few bonuses, such as a boost of Spark’s power (your main damage spell) and more health, and other bonuses.  Read on to learn about getting mana, levels and exploring the land.


❅ Gaining Mana ❅

There are a lot of ways to gain mana. You can mine for redstone and convert it, kill mobs, or even try one of the challenging adventure maps.

When you get out of the academy you will start out with some redstone, you are going to want to convert this redstone into mana so you can get started with casting spells and protecting some land to build on. Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way in no time!

There are a two ways to convert redstone into mana. No way is better than another, it’s all personal preference.

Redstone to mana conversion method 1:
Step 1. Hold any amount of mana (redstone) in your hand

Step 2. Type /c convert


Redstone to mana conversion method 2:
Step 1. Right-click your Wand (the enchanted blaze rod) to open up the Wand GUI (menu)

Step 2. Navigate to the redstone and click it. It will convert any redstone in your inventory to mana all at once!


Now that you have some mana, there are two directions you could take.  You could start adventuring in one of the Adventure maps, or you could go get a profession and build yourself a home in the Survival map.  Which path you choose first depends on you.  If you want to begin Adventuring, go to /spawn and find the portal surrounded by Nether Brick.  Go through the portal and let the signs within the Cave of Adventure guide you to your Adventure.

If you want get a profession and play some magic based survival, read on!


❅ Professions ❅

Professions are special jobs your character can use to earn money. There are several types of profesisons. To choose a profession, go to spawn (/spawn) and find the Profession Hall portal.  The portal is surrounded by gold blocks and labled as the Profession Hall. Go through the portal and take some time to view the different professions within the hall.  For most starting players, the best profession is Miner since you will usually be doing a lot of mining when you first start out.  Each stone block mined by a Miner earns them $1, which can be used to by all kinds of goodies.

Once you’ve chosen your profession, its time to go out and find a good place for your new home. You will want to return to /spawn, so you can move on to the next step.


❅ Leaf Portals ❅
The building areas of the land are accessed through the portals surrounded by leaves at /spawn.  There are several portals to choose from, it is up to you on which one to pick.  Once you have chosen your portal, enter it and wait for it to teleport you to the survival lands.

After you go through you will need to travel away from the protected lands and find a place where you want to live.  A lot of players build there homes near the portals, so you may need to walk a bit to find a good spot for your future house.  As you walk, you will eventually notice messages appearing on your screen saying “Entered Protected Land” and “Left Protected Land”.  These messages indicate when you are standing on protected land.  All unprotected land can be bulit upon.

Once you have found a good unprotected spot of land for your future home, you will want to protect it.  Protecting your land does several things for you.  It prevents unwanted visitors from breaking any blocks within your land, and it allows you to banish tresspassers with the /c basnish spell.  When you are ready, hold your magic wand in your hand and use /c protect to protect your land.  A gravel border will appear around you which marks the protected area.  Everything within (and including) the gravel border is protected by you.  You are free to break the gravel border.  Don’t worry, breaking the gravel won’t break your protection.  If you ever want to break a protection, simply stand within the protected area and use the /c unprotect spell.

If you want to add friends who can build on your land, check out the land spells menu within your wand GUI (right-click with wand in hand).

Don’t forget to set your home point once you’ve found the spot for your home.  Do this by using the /sethome command.  This allows you to return to the location you /sethome at by using /home.  This is very important to do! If you forget where your house is, it can be very difficult to find!  It’s a big world.

From here, you can now go and do some mining, building and work on your levels.  When you’re ready, you can also do some adventuring.  Read on to learn about adventuring.


❅ Adventuring ❅
To get to the adventure areas, all you have to do is go to the Adventure Cave from /spawn. Some dungeons can only be reached by using the adventure cave and you will have to be a specific level. There are a lot of other things in the Wand GUI (menu), things such as the commands /c save, /c recall, and even a teleport to the server’s shops!

Adventure Cave Fun Fact:
The Adventure Cave has more then just Dungeons! It has challenges (there are even 2 player challenges) and monster fights too!